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"It's not about us, it's about the people who are blessed by what we do."

As a professional babysitting agency located in Adelaide, South Australia, we make your childcare needs our top priority.

Our Story

About Happy Kiddies

Happy Kiddies is a babysitting agency located in Adelaide, South Australia. We are focused on providing families with the best babysitters possible. Your child and family are our top priorities, as we make sure our babysitters are professional and experienced. All our babysitters are rigorously screened and go through a strict background and reference check. With us, you can be assured that your child will receive the best care possible.


How Happy Kiddies came to be

Back in 2013, Simone was gifted the opportunity of a lifetime, to move to Australia all the way from South Africa. She had never seen a kangaroo, and didn't even know what a Bunnings' sausage sizzle was! She had moved to a country with no friends or family nearby and longed for her grandparents' kisses and cookies.  Three years later, Simone started formally babysitting and through her personal experience she knows how hard it is for kids to adapt to new environments. This is why she would love to help your kiddies integrate into their new environments smoothly; whether it's a new school, home, state or even country, we are here to help! 


She wants to be your support system and your child's friend. 

Simone is not only a babysitter, but also an Occupational Therapy student. She is not only focused on your child's emotional well-being but also their physical, cognitive and social development. Simone, along with her team of babysitters, are truly passionate about the wellbeing of children and want to care for and assist them in any way possible. This is why she started Happy Kiddies!

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What Makes Happy Kiddies Special?


We do not only speak English, but a variety of languages!


All our babysitters are over 18 years of age and vigorously screened. We also keep up to date with our vaccinations and first aid training.

Culturally Diverse

Our babysitters come from a variety of cultures, meaning we accept, respect and appreciate families from different cultural backgrounds.

Flexible Hours

Most of our babysitters are University students, which means we have flexible timetables and can work during school hours.

Autism Friendly

We have experience caring for children on the autism spectrum. 

Experience with Disability

We have experience working with children with Muscular Dystrophy and learning disabilities.

Our Values

What our clients say about us

I can highly recommend Happy Kiddies. Safe and well structured care for kids.

Franciska CutnTaste

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